Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Children's Book Obsessions

So for those of you who don't know, I have a major obsession with children's books/children's literature. It all started when I was young. I would check out over 40 books at a time from the library (about 95% of them being chapter books) and still finish every one of them before it was time to return them two weeks later. I might have even talked my parents into paying me to do so... Hey! I'm an entrepreneur and I figured I might as well get paid for doing something I loved!

Becoming a teacher only added to my obsession. I wanted every book under the sun to have in my classroom library so my students could learn from them and love them as much as I did.

Now that I have a child of my own, my obsession has only grown stronger. Scott gets a little worried if I make it anywhere near the book section of just about any store. Costco is the worst... I want every book I see! I have 100's of books in storage, but they are all for 2nd to 3rd grades and up. I have been in the need of creating a library of books for infants and toddles. Don't worry... I've got a really great start!

Needless to say. I love books. I have read to Addison every day since she was in her fourth month and apparently Addison has cultivated my love for books as well.

I had two videos that I was going to post that really demonstrates her love for books, but dang blogspot wouldn't let me upload them... Arrrgggh.

The first video is Addison listening to me read her favorite book. She laughs at every page and it is pretty much the cutest thing you have ever seen. The second video shows what happens when I finish reading a book and I set it down. Addison's reaction to my putting the book down is hilarious. Instant tears of sadness. The moment I pop a new book up though, immediate happiness. I am so grateful she is cultivating a love for books and reading.


  1. Thats wonderful! Its always good to start kids early. We have tons of books for all ages that we have accumulated through the years. Many of them are second hand (Which I find is always the best). I cant go near the book section at Costco either, I am tempted to find "reasons" to buy the kids more books. Now that Caleb is in Kinder they have Scholastic orders every month to help the classroom. We have already placed our first order!

    I love to hear about Addie's reaction to books. So funny! Glad she loves them!

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