Saturday, May 12, 2012

Memory Keeper

Ever since I was young, I have had a crazy pattern of keeping memories in any and every possible way.

Memories are extremely important to me and I try to capture them... ALL of them.

I write in a journal... almost daily... and have since eighth grade...

I keep letters, important papers and newspaper articles of things that I want to remember and bind them into my journals...

I have a memory jar that I keep theater, movie and fun event tickets of things that Scott and I have gone to...

I scrapbook... old school style

And Digitally....

I make musical CD's or soundtracks for different times through out my life...

          * Highschool Soundtrack
          * Summer 99 Soundtrack
          * Africa Soundtrack

... you get the idea.

Another fun way that I have tried to keep memories is through making quilts. The first quilt I made was in commemoration of my summer in Africa. I bought a ton of colorful African material in the market place and I put them all together in a blanket. I loved the way it turned out.

My newest form of memory keeping?  A T-shirt quilt! I have not finished it completely, but the top is done being sewn. All of the t-shirts are from races that I have run over the years.

Quirky?  Yes.

A little extreme in the memory keeping?  Maybe. 

Do I love it?  Absolutely!!

Each one has a great memory attached and now they are all kept in the form of a blanket. When I am using it as a lap quilt when watching a movie, I will be able to relive each one.

Let the memory keeping continue on.