Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Already Anniversary Time...

Thursday, March 29th signifies an anniversary worth celebrating. It was exactly a year ago that Scott and I went on our first date. It wasn't supposed to be a date, but thanks to some careful planning, or possibly the divine guidance of my roommate at the time, it turned from a simple get together into a date.

Scott had extended an invitation to Jen and I to go shooting with him. Well... twenty minutes before Scott was supposed to pick us up, Jen decided that she shouldn't go. I freaked out a little when she told me because it totally looked as though I rigged the change in plans and I was afraid Scott would think so. However, Jen worked her magic and pulled off the cancelled plans rather nicely.

A year later, I thank her for backing out.

Our shooting excursion was extended to include dinner and some really great conversation. Our FIRST date also marks me as the LAST girl for Scott to ever ask out. He was so smitten with me after one date, that he never felt the need to ask anyone else out again. Hee hee...

What a day to remember. 
Happy "First Date" Anniversary Scottie!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Welcome to the new blog!

My major blogging drought has come from the fact that I have been debating if I want to continue blogging AT ALL. I figured getting married would be a great time to phase out of the blogging world. On a phone call with my rocking chair friend one evening, my lack of blogging was brought up. I pretty much received a mandate to do an update. She was disappointed to check over and over and see that there was never anything new. I started thinking about if some of my dearest friends stopped blogging and it made me incredibly sad. I love seeing photos and hearing updates of my closest friends that I don't have the luxury of living near. Plus, now that I don't live near any family or close friends, I figured it would be a silly time to stop. So, here I am. A new blog.

I haven't blogged since getting married, but I am not going to go back three months to do a post on the wedding because the majority of you have already seen tons of pictures and heard the details, so I won't bore anyone with rehashing old news. Rather, I'll give an update on life in Las Vegas. I can't give the last three months justice without making this a very large post, so I will just give a quick update on some of the highlights since we have been here and on married life with Scott.

Most people would say that they have the best husband in the world, but I won't say that. I WILL say that Scott is the best husband in the whole world for ME. We are so perfectly matched for each other it is uncanny. I am still not quite so sure how I got so lucky. Some of our favorite things to do together include...

1. Read
So this might sound boring, but to the contrary, it's really rather exciting. We just finished our 5th book together since being married. Sunday afternoons (if it is not windy outside) we lay a blanket on the grass and read. I often am the one to do the reading out loud, which I am perfectly okay with because then Scott's hands are freed up to give of his great foot rubs.

2. Tennis
I have never played tennis... not really. Scott, on the other hand, played in high school and he is quite good. He has been trying to teach me and I am shocked at how much I enjoy it. I often feel inadequate, seeing I am still in the early learning stages and he is so much better than me, but he is very patient.

3. Biking
Scott has wanted to get a good mountain bike for some time now. Scince I am already into biking, it seemed obvious that getting Scott a bike should be a priority. Through some sneeky workings, I was able to get Scott a bike for his birthday. We had a "Scott bike fund" in place, but Scott was not expecting to get his bike for some time. Thank you tax return! He was so surprised.

4. Hiking (or anything outdoors...)
We don't get to spend as much time outdoors as we'd like, due to Scott's intense school schedule, but we fit it in when we can. We also just got a National Parks Pass which we plan to utilize this summer. One of the hikes we have done in Vegas is the Red Rocks. It was still a little cold when we went, but it was so nice to get outside. 

A few fun random things we have done...

1. Republican Rally
I dedicated a lot of time in 2008 to campaining in Iowa, Utah and Nevada and was thrilled to get to be a small part of it this time around. I got to help at campaining headquarters and Scott and I attended a Republican Rally held in Las Vegas. 

2. Phantom of the Opera
For Valentine's Day, Scott bought me beautiful orange roses (the color was rather appropriate) and took me to the Venitian to see Phantom of the Opera. What a fun night and a great show!

3. Friday Date Night
While we don't have kids and we have a lot more freedom to go out and do fun things, we try to utilize every Friday night for date night. Scott puts all school work away and we play. We do an assortment of things and sometimes resort to childhood fun. On this particular evening, we made a fort in our front room and ate treats and played games in it. Sometimes the date night that doesn't cost anything is the best kind of date night. 

While I was waiting to get into the substitute system, I had a little more time on my hands that I have had in the past, so I utilized a lot of that time to try to improve and enlarge my cooking skills. I have loved doing so. I even got together with my friend Heidi and made a menu board. Cooking for someone besides myself is so much fun. Here have been two of my newest favorites... Chocolate Zucchini bread and Zupa Tuscana soup (from Olive Garden). I've felt so domestic. The beautiful thing is that Scott actually thinks I'm a good cook!

Quick synopsis... Life is good. I have much to be grateful for. Blogging takes time and sometimes I don't want to do it, but I benefit from others who are willing to do it, so I guess I'm here to stay.