Sunday, January 13, 2013

1st Anniversary

Scott and I have been married a year.


We had a five month long distance engagement that felt like an eternity, but our first year has flown by.

We celebrated our first anniversary with a few unexpected life surprises.

We didn't think we would parents by our first anniversary, but that is what happens when your baby arrives ten weeks early. We didn't think we would celebrate our big day at a hospital, but once again, that is what happens when your baby arrives ten weeks early. We didn't think we would be in Las Vegas over the holiday break, but as stated before, that is what happens when your baby arrives ten weeks early.

Regardless of the unexpected plans that played out on our anniversary, our first anniversary couldn't have been any better. Let me explain why. Our baby came ten weeks early, which means Scott and I were blessed to celebrate our first year together by celebrating the birth of our tiny little girl. There is no where I would have rather been on the 20th of December, than with my wonderful, amazing husband and my sweet, perfect, tiny angel. The fact that our time spent together was in the hospital is a mute point. The point is that we were celebrating together and it was wonderful.

In the evening, while Addison was sleeping, Scott and I made our way across the street from the hospital to a restaurant for dinner. Ironically, the restaurant we crept to is the exact restaurant that Scott took me to on the night he proposed. It was perfect place for us to go.

We just had dinner, nothing fantastic or crazy exciting to celebrate our first year together, but it was spent together and for that reason, it was perfect. To top the night off, my brother-in-law completed our wedding video and sent it to us to enjoy in celebration of our first year. To see the video, click on the link below.

I am so grateful, happy, and blessed to have found Scott. I am so grateful we are sealed for eternity in the temple. He never ceased to amaze me with his incredible spirit and giving nature. He is one in a million and I can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries to come.


  1. You guys are an amazing couple! LOVED your video. Happy anniversary you two crazy love birds!

  2. Ahhh...I didn't realize she was 10 weeks early. I only have nine weeks to go so this scares me a little. I have nothing ready for the arrival of our little one. I better get moving.

    I really look up to you and your view of life. It is true, you don't have to do anything grand and exciting as long as you are together. What a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary by bringing in a precious baby girl. I am so glad to see that she is doing well. You guys are awesome!!

  3. You are one amazing lady so I am sure you picked one amazing guy. Congrats on 1 year of marriage and your daughter. I am so glad she is healthy and home with you... we were both praying for you guys.
    love you