Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Young Chick

Scott and I were both born in 1981... Scott in March and me in October. Seeing Scott has been 31 for an entire 7 months now, he has become the "Old Man" while I have remained the "Sweet Young Chick" who was still a mere 30...

Scott informed me last week when I turned 31 that I am no longer a sweet young chick because I am as old as he is.

I can handle that. Really. What Scott doesn't realize is that as soon as he turns 32 in March, I will become a sweet young chick once again. :)

I didn't do anything overly exciting on my birthday because I was home sick all week. (Notice the pajamas in the picture.) I was bummed to be sick... especially since I'm pregnant and I can't take most medicines to ease the symptoms. Regardless of the sickness,  I still felt loved and I am very blessed. I have no complaints... now that I am feeling better of course!

My sister brought me the balloons and Scottie surprised me with the flowers.

I received lots of phone calls from loved ones and a lot of nice notes from people.

My sister gave me a start on my clothing collection for our little baby on the way and I LOVE them! It is so fun to have a few things now. I need to get cracking on some other things so our baby doesn't have to go naked when she arrives. Thank you Jody!

Scottie's gift has quite a little story behind it... He gave me this. 

Isn't it beautiful?

I mean really, truly beautiful?

I saw this purse for the first time at the outlets way back in April. I fell in love with it immediately. It was real leather, perfect size and obviously the perfect color. However, I left the outlets without it in tow. I couldn't justify getting a purse that I really didn't NEED, even though it was on an incredible SALE! I was strong and I didn't spend the money on it.

I learned a long time ago that when you are debating on whether to purchase something or not, give it some time and see if you forget about it OR if you can't stop thinking about it. 

I came home and couldn't stop thinking about this purse.

I told Scott about it. He thought I should go get it. I should have, but I was being stubborn and I couldn't justify spending money on something that wasn't a necessity at the time.

Months later, I still couldn't get this purse out of my mind... my current purse was falling apart and I started kicking myself for not getting it while I had the chance. Scott went with me to the outlets one Saturday in the hopes that we would still be able to find it.

No chance.

It was long gone by the time we went back. Scott wanted me to pick out a different one, but that didn't work. Other purses that I might have normally thought were super cute had no grab or appeal because they weren't "THE" purse. Super sad.

When my birthday rolled around, Scott still wanted me to pick out a new purse. I half heartedly looked around, but there just wasn't another purse like THE orange purse. I told my sister of Scott's plan for my present. She knew I wanted an orange one, so she started searching online.

I awoke one morning to a plethera of emails showing pictures of different random orange purses that she thought I might like. One of the emails wasn't just A orange purse, it was THE orange purse! I was ecstatic! It was the exact purse! No passing it up this time!

Scott was so happy that the purse had been found! He felt pretty proud of himself for getting me the best birthday present ever. Way to go Scottie! I love my new orange purse!

Maybe having the new purse will put me back in the category of sweet young chick again... ; )

Thoughts? Hee hee...

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