Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hot Coco Loco to the Max

I have this friend...

Her name is Kim.

Kim and I have known each other for over ten years now.
Our paths first crossed at school. 

At Campus Plaza.

Kim and I like to do all sorts of things together. Like snowshoeing...

Going to the temple...

Going to the Old Folks Home...

 Going on road trips...


Traveling the World...

Going on African Safaries...

and eating... just to name a few.

However, our FAVORITE thing to do together is to have a Hot Coco Loco, as we like to call them. The tradition started many years ago. 

Kim and I weren't roommates, so we made a special time together every Sunday evening to meet up on a bench located in-between our apartments and we would brew up some hot coco and wrap up in blankets (seeing the tradition was started during the winter) and we would talk. 

That's all... nothing fancy. 

We would just talk and hear about how the week went for each other. 
Simple yet wonderful.
It became tradition rather quickly and one that we didn't want to ever end. 

Obviously, life "after college" happens and people move away. This happened for Kim and I as it does for everyone else. 

However, our tradition didn't die.

It just changed a little. 

Now our Hot Coco Loco's have to be conducted over the phone and they RARELY, if ever, involve a bench or hot coco anymore. However, they still happen EVERY SINGLE week. 

A few weekends ago, my hot coco friend and I got to have a Hot Coco Loco in person. No phone time this week. The best Hot Coco yet. 

Kim came to town with our friend Nate to visit and so we could go see the production of Wicked together.  It was such a great weekend. 

The best.

I have no doubt that our Hot Coco Loco's will continue on throughout our entire lives no matter how old we get or where we live. I look forward to the times when they get to be in person; When we get together to go to the theater, go camping, go on an International trip or just... TALK. 

Thanks Kim for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for!


  1. Awesome post! You two girls are two of my most favorite people! Love you both.

  2. Cute!! I loved getting to know Kim in Africa! And Jess you are looking so cute with your little baby bump! :)

  3. Such a fun tradition! Seeing those pics makes me miss Kim and you too! By the way, you look so cute with your baby bump!

  4. Can I just say I love how those stripes play across your belly? Gotta love loyal friends:)